Hi, I’m Karen. Welcome to PR for Smarties.

I have worked in media for close to two decades, with 15 years in arts and entertainment publicity specifically. I have walked red carpets, hung out in dirty rock clubs (yeah, I am talking about you CBGBs), and handled more theatrical productions in New York and Los Angeles than I can even count.

I have always looked at my work as “developmental.” My clients never started out uber famous and high profile, so my publicity work has always had to be creative. I created PR for Smarties to share my knowledge. You don’t need to be A-list to get coverage (of course, it helps!), but you do need to approach your projects wisely and pitch smart!

Right now, I work primarily with 59E59 Theaters in New York City, handling all their press outreach and tossing in my marketing two cents from time to time. They are a busy venue, and keep me on my toes, so I don’t take outside projects often.

Past personal PR clients include the actor Brian Cox, actress Madeleine Martin, actors Neil and Adrian Rayment (The Matrix Twins) and actress Anna Gunn. I have worked with an insane amount of theater companies in New York, including Keen Company, 3 Legged Dog, the Brick Theatre, Bindlestiff Family Cirkus, among many others. Individual show representation is way too numerous to mention! I also worked with some fun bands along with way, including Satanicide, Les San Culottes and GrooveLily.

The media landscape is changing, and the advent of technology has created a spectacular opportunity for artists, small business and solopreneurs to take charge of their own publicity. The tools are there, you just need to know what these tools are and learn how to use them creatively and effectively. I can help with that.

Want to know even more about me?

I used to be a beauty/fitness/fashion editor. I am also a NYS licensed esthetician, which means I give facials! If you like skin care and beauty, you can follow my blog BeautyOlogy.

The fashion part often makes people laugh.

I have a kid. She rocks my world.

I have a dog. A big dog. A big scary dog. Who likes to sit on my lap.

I have a husband. He leaves obnoxious comments on my websites. So I have to approve all comments. Blame him.

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