Want media coverage that doesn’t break your budget?

The Smarties Solution is the solution for you!

  • Getting media coverage for theater productions—of any scale—in New York City is costly and the results are never guaranteed. But few indie companies or productions have the expertise or confidence to do it themselves.
  • As a result, producers have no option but to put themselves in the hands of an agency that promises to negotiate the changing media landscape, with only the hope that the agency can deliver the kind of press that will drive awareness.

That is, until now.

  • Introducing The Smarties Solution–a breakthrough approach to media relations designed specifically to help theater companies with limited budgets create and implement a strategic media campaign that can increase your chances of getting the kind of coverage you absolutely must have in today’s crowed and space-restricted arts scene.

The Smarties Solution offers:


  • Consultation with Karen Greco, a seasoned PR pro with an impeccable track record of securing coverage and reviews.
  • Strategic planning and guidance to position your production in the best possible way for today’s media.
  • A full press release that you can use as a basis for other outreach.
  • A 45 minute one-on-one phone consultation where we discuss your project, and we identify 10 outlets to pitch and discuss how to pitch them, sending you away with a media plan ready to simply implement.
  • Servicing of one release under your banner and contact information to a comprehensive and current media list.
  • Four weekly coaching sessions (either by phone or email) to check in, refine strategies and offer support and encouragement.

“We can’t thank you enough for all that you did for us– as a company and as a  production team. Truly, it was a pleasure to work with such a pro.

—Project Y Theatre Company

Why so affordable?

  • A full campaign with day-to-day contact with a PR professional can cost a minimum of $4,000. The Smarties Solution is only $599.
  • The Smarties Solution was created  as a way for small companies to have access to expertise and knowledge without having to pay more than they can afford. With an agency contract, you’re paying for daily time for representatives to contact media and implement the program.
  • With The Smarties Solution, you pay only for the strategic thinking and planning. You take on the daily work. But think of it, what most companies need an expert for is the planning, positioning and strategic thinking. But that’s never been available on a stand-alone basis until now.
  • The Smarties Solution is not a full service agency. You will need to go out and pitch yourself. But we give you the tools to do this smartly and effectively.

When information comes from Karen, I always pay attention. Over the years, she has guided me to new companies, innovative productions and amazing theatrical experiences I might otherwise have missed. I can trust her releases and pitches to be concise, perfectly tailored to my needs and appropriate for the outlets I contribute to.

—Christopher Byrne, theater editor  Gay City News

So, how does this work?

  • Simple! Once payment is processed, you will be directed to a downloadable Information Sheet. Then, we connect via email to find a good time for the consultation and secure a date to send out the release.
  • We work together to draft the release and, once it’s approved, it’s sent out to a comprehensive press list of NYC media that cover theater–from the New York Times to an upstart blogger. The release is sent via email or snail mail, depending on their preference to receive materials. The additional copy and postage expenses for snail mail are factored into the cost, so there are no surprise expense charges.
  • You also receive a properly formatted copy of the release that you can paste onto your letterhead and use for pitching and your press kit.

Take charge of your media outreach today!

  • The Smarties Solution can save you money, while giving you the best shot at getting the coverage your production needs.
  • You still have to hope that your production will strike a chord with the media, but it’s a lot easier to hope when you’re not crippling your budget.

Ready to implement an affordable media relations campaign?

  • At only $599, The Smarties Solution is the perfect media solution for companies on a budget.


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