My dirty little secret

by Smartie on July 19, 2010

I get all nail bity and nervous when it comes to my own marketing and self promotion. Photo credit: sdominick/

Believe it or not, I am shy.

I wasn’t always shy. In fact, it was very easy to make friends when I was around age 4 or 5. But as I got older, it became harder and harder for me to get out of my comfort zone and approach people with ease.

What’s even harder for me is self promotion.

I’ve been fortunate that most of my publicity work has been word of mouth, and I have never really had to go out there and market myself for a project. In fact, if you go to the web address I have had for many years for my freelance work, it says the site is “under construction.” It’s been under construction for years.

Now that that’s out of the way, I am going to shift gears.

I am launching something.

Which explains the missing post from last week, partially. I have been busy behind the scenes working to get this thing off the ground. And as it gets closer to completion, I am getting more nervous. But the nerves come from telling you–having to get it out there, having to talk about myself, having to market it. (Incidentally, my nerves are keeping me from working with video on this site. And that’s another hurdle I need to jump soon.)

So my nerves about sharing this kept me from posting last week. Not that I was going to launch it last week, but I still couldn’t get past that lingering feeling of doom.

Ironic, isn’t it? I can pitch all day on behalf of clients, but when it comes to myself, I get all tongue tied and twitchy!

So I figured I would be honest and tell you what I am up to, so we can get this nervous stuff out of the way and go on with our lives.

What I am working on right now is specific to the NYC area. But if enough of you dig it, I would like to roll it out into different cities. And once I get this first one done and out of the way, I have something else in mind that everyone can benefit from. So that’ll be coming down the pike.

So phew, thanks for letting me get that off my chest. And I really, really hope you guys see it as valuable. The press folk I have floated it by think it’s pretty cool.

Now we can get on with it!

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