What we can learn from those cute little Meerkats

by Smartie on May 9, 2011

OMG Cute Attack!

When you have a show that taps into a television craze, do you capitalize on it, or get huffy, puffy and self-righteous?

I guess you guys know what side I am going to come down on, right?
When the press calls and the interviews start rolling and they bring up this TV craze, you kind of have to go with it. If you want the press to cover it, don’t temper the comparison. That comparison is why your show made headlines–it’s is making your show newsworthy.
And the journalist that asks the question? That journalist needs to come at your production from a point of view that is universally understood.
After all, the plight of the Meerkats would mean nothing without Meerkat Manor.
Let’s say you have a charity event to raise money for protecting the Meerkats. You could ignore the reality show, since it doesn’t represent the real Meerkat situation, and that’s what your event is all about. Or, you can use their reality show as a tool to raise awareness for your event, which could in turn raise awareness to the point of view that you are trying to expose.
So what side do you come down on?

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