Dave Charest’s The Beginner’s Guide to Twitter: A Smarties Review

by Smartie on June 8, 2010

The Beginner's Guide to Twitter is a valuable resource for Twitter newbies and vets. And it's free!

I opened my first Twitter account back in 2008ish and had no idea what to do with it.

I followed a bunch of people (some followed back), sent out a few Tweets and felt like I was broadcasting in an echo chamber. I developed serious 140 character writer’s block. I let my account sit for close to a year before I tried it again, discovered the @reply button and realized that a few people all those months ago actually did try to connect. Just like Oprah, I had an ah ha moment. Twitter finally began to click,

Back then, if I had my hands on Dave Charest’s Beginner’s Guide to Twitter, I probably wouldn’t have abandoned the medium for a good nine months.

I am still not terribly comfortable on the medium. I feel a lot of pressure to be pithy and smart in these odd, short bursts. But I have come to get used to it, and Tweet out from @PRforSmarties (PR/marketing related stuff), @NYCEsthy (skin care stuff) and handle the twitter account for one of my clients. I can fall off for days at a time, but I am trying to get better. And I am definitely making a lot of really great friends. In fact, it’s how I found Dave!

So even with some serious time logged onto Twitter since 2008, I still found Dave’s guide enormously helpful. And I think you will too.

The Beginner’s Guide to Twitter handily covers the basics for the newbies out there, including what Twitter is and what you can expect from it, how to sign up for a new account, and advice on choosing your user name,

But his chapter “How to Start Connecting” is a must read even for seasoned Twitter users. He turns readers on to some very nifty sites to help locate follows and explains what they do and how they do it. And he describes the best way to use Twitter search (where I am woefully inadequate) and then WHAT TO DO WITH IT! Whooo Hooo!

Did you know there was an advanced search in Twitter? Because I sure as hell didn’t!

He has a chapter breaking down the 5 types of Tweets (and includes an example of an exchange we had, how fun is that!). While I kinda sorta “knew” about “types of Tweets” I actually found it enormously helpful to have them broken down and explained. I keep referring back to it when I feel the old “I need to be pithy!” panic creeping in.

Finally, he has a kick ass chapter devoted to the 15-Minute Twitter Action Plan. Twitter can be a gigantic time suck. I find I lose half a day when I am engaging on Twitter in my various accounts. Which is why I can disappear for days at a time–I fear that if I log in, I will lose my time. So Dave’s suggestions on what Tweets to incorporate that only take 15 minutes out of your day is pure brilliance for me.

Best part? The Beginners Guide to Twitter is totally FREE. So, go and get it!

For Twitter newbies, this is a must read. It will save you loads of time and heaps of frustration. For the more seasoned users, even if you think you “know” Twitter, it’s a spectacular resource.

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June 8, 2010 at 11:41 pm


Dave Charest June 9, 2010 at 2:51 pm

Yay! My first full review. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

Glad you found the guide helpful as well. Now I need to finish the Advanced Strategy Version!

Thanks again, Karen.

Smartie June 9, 2010 at 10:51 pm

Yes, please, Dave! I am really looking forward to the advanced guide. You shared some great info in the beginners guide. I wish I had it in 2008!

And very pleased to be the first to review. That’s fun!

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