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by Smartie on September 14, 2010

Google's relationship with SEO may be so over.

Did you see what I just did there?

That headline was pure SEO. Search Engine Optimization.

I had a client once call me all excited because “we’re the number 1 position when you Google our name!” Good God, I hope so!

What’s more telling is what happens when people aren’t searching specifically for you. They don’t know you exist, but they are in the market to buy what you are selling. You want them to find you.

But a quick Google search of the uber vague key word search “nyc theater” brings up 11,900,000 results. How does one move to the front of the list, even with awesome SEO?

Further, according to the brilliant media mind of Steve Rubel, Google’s new search enhancements have effectively killed SEO.

You know what shows up in the top position?

The top result for Off Broadway theater (apart from a theater company in Salt Lake City)? New York Theatre Guide.

So, to the point, while every theater company in NY is chasing one particular publication, don’t forget the importance of courting the web sites and their writers and critics. Remember, Google loves them most of all.

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